Make these changes and why you should make them!

  1. Make resetting character while being cuffed and/or in max/sol punishable
  • This goes pretty much with AA as “res” command. If you get frisked and placed in max/sol, you can get your tools back just by resetting your character. This pretty much ruins guards experience and causes chaos, that is not nrcessary. So why would we allow them to do something that is similiar in AA with that part.
  1. Update the in game rules list and add information.
  • For example add in the rules that COMM+ is allowed to be in the CR, but only DW+ is allowed to use computers inside the prison, etc. This would be very helpful. Also information like when the LD can be used would be very helpful! Also adding information like during CB time, the inmates are allowed to roam in the CB and not to lock inmates in the cell.
  1. Either remove the electric chair or add rank lock to it.
  • Sure it is cool to have electric chair, but it is only tool for abusers and it increases the amount of modcalls and also it ruins the experience of inmates. About the rank lock: Similiar like in the SR, but it lets specific ranks go through it, I suggest that the rank would be SI+ to enter as I have seen Wardens that abuse it.
  1. Remove the team limit
  • For some people this may sound familiar: You see that session is being hosted and join the server to attend in the session and also to show activity, but the teams are full. Why is this even in this game? It makes showing activity by attending in sessions a lot and unnecessarily harder.
  1. Also in the sessions channel, server ID must be posted.
  • For example, my potato computer takes so long to warp that the session has already been locked when I finally join. For some people server ID would be easier and faster for them!
  1. Update the rules, regulations, everything in here, forums. Also add some things.
  • It is important that the guards are able to stay up to the date of the rules that are used right now! Also it would be important to add that which rank is allowed to do and what. Example: DW+ can go to there and do that.

Thanks for reading, I hope that you will tell what you think! Thanks!

    • SIGNED - Henkka1981 - SI

Fully agree with this

A Random SI

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