Make window tint in SR darker or fully dark

It has come to my attention that everytime I host something, people are way too concentrated of what happens outside (like inmates escaping etc.) and not focusing on the session.


I personally think the criminals dancing outside make the training more interesting lol. It’s also a good test to see if the officers would pay attention in the training when there are distractions outside.


But sometime they jump on the window and everyone is trying to arrest them and sometimes the crims shoot at you through glass.

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They shouldn’t, its another test if they can focus on the session.


Most of the time they cant, and so what? It just pisses of the trainer.

If the trainees don’t behave, they just get dismissed.


I like it because when I’m helping everyone days PTS ever two seconds so then if they go to shoot the inmates they will die and the host will not let them in “sorry you made your ill make MINE” now you don’t get bugged every two seconds😀