Map of the prison

I think it would be a good idea to add a map of the prison in staff spawn or somewhere because some people can’t find the sessions room. Im getting asked all the time if I can Show them the sessions room and its being annoying. This would also help to Show that Max is ERT+ and CR is COMM+
Tell me what you think of my idea!


I think its a great idea! It would help new players find their way around the prison.


Good idea +1

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If this gets seen you have my vote.

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Revive, im too proud of this simple idea to let it die.

I like this idea I think it would help new people to know their way around although maybe it could be in the form of an item you could pick up and view the map

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Trey has an example here:

This is very basic, however, this still helps.


Nice idea for now! Maybe this could be posted in the discord too for now.

I mean this could be a good idea, but like it’s quite a small prison, and I think players can get their way around the map quite quickly, I remember when I first started being a staff members, I slowly got my way around the prison without a map.

I’m not saying it’s a garbage idea, it will be more convienient and who knows?

Why I think this would be good is because its so easy to add and I had problems when I first played.

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Well I mean I quickly have gotten my why around the prison and I’m sure you did as well didn’t you?

I mean I’m not saying it’s going to be a rubbish idea, it can be convenient at times.

I did but it it would still make it easier for new players abd all you need to do is make a map (doesnt need to be detailed) and then implement the image in game.

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New map soon.

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Good idea I think the only thing is don’t show crims because cops like to camp the crim spawn when the cops found crims that is when they camp

Even better example:


Definitely a good idea! They can make a small map at the bottom left corner like games like Driving Simulator and Jailbreak. It would be fun as the new map is very big and hard to explore. And will prevent people from getting lost in it (like me who is a Prison Inspector). It’s a great feature and should be added!

Thanks ! This is useful! ineedmoreccharactershelpwhy30characterslimit.

This whole game is a bit simple but great idea, I don’t see why they wouldn’t add this.