MiniMod for MR (PI+)

Why the PI+ cannot have :cmds and :view command? That will be useable to catch abusers and report them, if there’s no Warden+ In-Game. PI+ has NO :announce command because that can be spammed, even with 60 seconds cooldown.

PI is a REALLY easy rank to get. Strongly disagree. Even :view can be abused( seeing where crims or escaped prisoners are). I am fine with WARDEN+ but PI… No.


That’s me, ValuedEnough. In this message, I will explain why I do not agree with this suggestion. First reason of disagreeing to this suggestion is that Prison Inspector is a VERY EASY rank to get. For example, through levels, or by attending Training sessions. People will easily abuse this feature by viewing random inmates to see where they are. No offense, but you think it’s easy for Community Advisory Council+ to catch every single Prison Inspector that is abusing? There are thousands of Prison Inspectors, and finding the one that abused will take 3 days if not even longer.

I hope you now understand that this should never be added to the group, unless new rules from Staffing Department will appear. (example: “Prison Inspector is now not training/level obtainable”, which I am sure that will never happen.)

ValuedEnough - Facility Director

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Maybe DW because they have access to vote kick.

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I think WARDEN+ if any MR rank. Although Warden might still abuse, its still better than DW+

Actually it should be WARDEN+ BC if we give this to PI+ PI is a really easy rank to get so there would be
a lot of abusers sorry not sorry I strongly disagree.

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There is a reason why wardens don’t have the “Mini Mod” cmds, you can just look how many of our CPs abuse their admin. I’m pretty sure that wardens had it before, but got removed because of abuse. Also PI is one of the ranks that abuse most. Also you can see how many that abuse their mod gamepass, it shouldn’t be added for Warden+, but keep it as it is. I think that you’re “PI”, because you make this suggestion. Also you say:

They can’t do s much, they even don’t have cmds. The only ranks that have cmds is CP+ & people who bought the gamepass. Gamepass admins are only allowed to use the gamepass on themself.

I hope this could help you.

  • Valdemarcrafter - Facility Director

I sometimes use the gamepass admin on others, but only if they ask (eg. Reset them if they are stuck above showers or refresh them if there max unifrom is not loading in.)

view feels like cosmetic command to just view people so could be in game

PI is going to abuse it way too much, its a really easy rank to get, just play 8 hours and attend a training, they are definetly going to abuse view to find were crims are, and pm CO to let them free.

Even warden will abuse it, I’ve seen a warden who ranked up trough trainings and lvl’s, abuse. it should stay CP+

I guess they should require a DW+ permission soo abuse will be prevented.