Minor update requests | PLEASE KEEP MINIMAL

What are small minor changes in Stateview that may annoy you that you’d like to see changed and or added in the coming update on the 17th? (Intended but not limited to sessions, training, handcuffs, and really any tools)

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PLEASE make it so that when you die, your radio data saves, because it’s slightly annoying to have to switch back to the correct channel when you die in a shift, and the previous chats also don’t save.


In the new version, the shower buttons are clickable but there isn’t any water.

Move SR to the spot where infirmary and booking room are. This reduces the risk of raids becaue there isnt a giant window showing the location of multiple members of the enemy team at the front of the prison.

face it stateview is long past a roleplay now its a cops vs robbers game. (but without any robbing)


Well you said “PLEASE KEEP MINIMAL” so i will :smiley: .
I would really like to see a minimap, even better if interactive.

Great10Pilot, Superintendent.

Wait, update on 17th?
Damn. Waiting for it.

I bet everyone hates this, but just got used to it.
Please shorten the cooldown on opening/closing doors. It’s just so awkward when running to a place, going through, and then having to wait.
Plus: This would cause way less escapees.


Hello, @baanaanaa2123 .
I think many would use it to glitch out the server, etc, as if a lot of players do it at once, and spam it, the server would freeze.


We workin…

2 weeks not bad for an update of this size :sweat_smile:

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Dang, the execution chamber? I guess that would be a new form of, like if you get Max 3 or so times? Those doors look pretty cool, too. Sewers is also sweet for inmates to escape through.

Allow high command to cuff staff it makes it so much easier to deal with abusers when you don’t have to chase them down and so they can’t just ignore you.

Hello, @Kermit .
By HICOM, i think you mean HR+.
HR+, AKA CAC+, can cuff lower ranks, already.
If you have any more questions, ping me.


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Bloody hell, thats looking damn good!

Oh wow, that looks amazing :D.

I think you can maybe do that we can do a mod call with the computers at offices.

Make so if your a inmate and you have a keycard you don’t have to equip the item.

I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why the commanders have chevrons and a star on their uniform, while the PI only has chevrons (because it’s the rehashed ERT uniform).

It looks like the commander outranks the PI the way the shoulder markings are currently set up.