Modified Training guide [Unofficial] Has all sections!

  • Find a Co-Host (Maximum is 2, Must be Chairperson+)
  • Find Helpers, (Maximum is 2, Must be Warden+ & verified in both main/admin servers).
  • You must have at least 8 attendees to begin.
  • Failed trainings will not count towards quota.
  • Announce in Discord server in # | sessions using format and in-game. (Example of in-game announcement: “h There's a Modifyed Training being hosted in the session room. Come down for a chance of being promoted!”
  • Only do at most 5 sections at least 3.

Host/Co-Host Requirements

  • Must use grammar at ALL times.
  • Must respect ALL trainees.
  • Must maintain a decent pace.
  • Remove any rule breakers from the training.
  • Community Advisory Council+ may host
  • Community Advisory Council+ Must be Elevated HR to host.

Host: Hello. Welcome to today’s modified training! My name is [Name], and I’ll be your host.

Co-Host: Hey! I’m [Name] your co-host, and I’ll be assisting in today’s modified training.

[The host/co-host may select their own greeting/introduction. However, it must be appropriate]

Host: Before we begin, let’s go over a few rules to help you pass this modified training!


I - You must call me and my Co-Host by our ranks at all times.

II - Do not go AFK (Away From Keyboard) or say PTS (Permission To Speak) while I am speaking, during this training. Doing this will result in removal.

III - You must be respectful to everyone at all times. Not following this will result in a removal of the training and a demotion/suspension.

IV - If there is any problem, come to me, my Co-Host or any other SI+ assistance. You must not ask us for a promotion/rank or it be instant removal.

V - Trolling in any form is unacceptable! Grammar must be used throughout this training. Trolling or not using grammar will result in a strike or instant removal of this training.

VI – PTS is active unless stated otherwise. Talking without permission WILL result in a strike.


  • Faces are basically you facing the way the Host/Co-Host tells you.
  • Host/Co-Host, you have the option to go over faces or start the test right away.
  • Elimination is completely optional for the host to do!

Host: We are now doing Faces. In this phase we will be testing your reaction time and listening skills!

Host: Please listen carefully as I will only explain each face once. DO NOT actually do the faces at this point.

Left Face - Turn left 90 degrees from the current position.

Right Face - Turn right 90 degrees from the current position.

Center Face - Turn to normal position. (Position from the beginning or face the Host/Co-Host)

About Face - 180 degrees from the current position.

Control Face - Face the Host/Co-Host at all times. (Host/Co-Host should be in the middle of your screen at all times)(Only center face can break this)


Host/Co Host: We are now moving on to questions. In this phase, I’ll be testing you on your grammar and knowledge skills. You’ll each receive a private message containing two questions.

Host/Co Host: To start this off, I will be privately messaging you two messages, which you must answer to the best of your ability.

  1. PM (Private Message) the trainees two questions each. They may be the same question(s) per trainee.
  2. Questions are required to be answered, troll answers will result in removal from the training.
  3. Attendees must be answering with grammar.
  4. The host may pick from the examples listed below, or create their own!

You may choose four of the following questions listed to send to the attendees, or you may come up with your own questions!

Facility Procedures

Within this section, attendees are required to demonstrate lockdown-facility protocol. In addition, attendees will also be expected to “sweep” the facility once the lockdown siren has commenced. Essentially, once the lockdown commences all attendees shall sweep the entire prison in a timely manner (3 minutes or less) while maintaining proper communication.

[The Host/Co-Host will keep the attendees stationed in the session-room until the lockdown siren has commenced. Once commenced, the attendees will start to clear the facility.]

Host/Co-Host: Next, we will be going over facility procedures. Please listen carefully as I explain the section.

Host/Co-Host: In a few seconds, the lockdown siren will be activated. During this lockdown, you are required to sweep the facility ensuring there are no inmates in any unauthorized areas during the lockdown.

Host/Co-Host: You will have three minutes to clear out the facility, and escort all inmates to their cells. In addition, you are required to maintain proper communication throughout the lockdown.

Hoststrong text**/Co-Host**: Does anyone have any questions before we begin this section?

You may end the section once all inmates have been transferred to cellblock.

[The Co-Host shall activate the lockdown]

Once Finished. Please call attendees to the Session Room for further instruction.

h Everyone from the current training, please report back to the session room for further instruction.

Procedures & Comprehension Correctness

Note: Do this or Facility Procedures, not both.

Host: Next, we will be going over key Procedures/Correctness skills you must demonstrate as you would on a regular basis during a Stateview Shift.

Host: You will all be given one of the following posts: Scout, Patrol, or Captain.

Host: If you are given the role of scout, you will be in charge of patrolling the outer walls of the prison, and communicating with staff inside the prison in regards to raiders/escapees.

Host: If you are given the role of patrol, you will be in charge of patrolling the prison and maintaining control of the current status of the prison.

Host: If you are given the role of Captain, you are in charge of the scout and patrol teams, making sure both teams are working together properly and leading both teams during the drills.

Host: This phase will last for 15 minutes, during which you must maintain the responsibilities of your role.

Host: My co-host will now assign the roles.

Host: During this section, you will undergo a [Lockdown drill/Blackout] drill which you must engage with in order to pass this section.

Host: Before we dismiss you, we’d like to go over a few expectations that we expect, in addition to information that will assist you.

Host: Lockdown Drill: On the commencement of a Lockdown drill, attendees are to transfer all inmates into their cells. Everyone should be within cell-block during the Lockdown.

Host: Blackout Drill: The power within the facility will be shutdown. Guards and inmates are required to be inside of cellblock until the procedure concludes. We ask that you do not restore the power.

I - You are required to communicate.

II - When communicating on the radio, use the format: [Rank] (Text). Example: [CP] Cell Block is clear!

III - Please, remember NOT to keep doors open and NOT to use lethal force unnecessarily.

IV - You will be asked questions about the drill or your role in a private-message. You must answer these questions with grammar to the best of your ability.

Host: Without further ado, you are dismissed to your roles.


Scenarios are demonstrations of how to handle a situation in a roleplaying environment. The session’s attendees are mandated to participate and shall be tested on their comprehension and correctness.

You are permitted to use the following scenario examples listed below, or you may make up your own (if approved by the current session-supervisor.)

The current session supervisor MUST be present during Scenarios. Failure, will result in disciplinary consequences.


  1. Inmate Shooting - Shoot to kill and/or cuff, frisk, then place into Maximum Security.
  2. Inmate Spamming - Issue a verbal warning then report to a FD+, report it in intel, or modcall.
  3. Inmate Disrespect - Report to a HR+, report it in intel, or modcall.
  4. Using Keycard to Escape - Frisk and place into Solitary Confinement.
  5. Bypassed Audio/Boombox Abuse - Report in intel, report it to an in-game HR, or modcall.
    6.Helper Notice*: (If the scenario ends with the attendee cuffing you as an inmate - say: “Where will you place me?”)


  • Tasers are allowed when trying to cuff.
  • The attendee should not actually kill or frisk the helper.
  • The supervisor shall team the helper(s) inmate, and ensure operations run accordingly.
  • The attendee must stay inside the yellow box during scenarios, if they step out they fail this section. You and the attendee are allowed to move around inside the box.

Host/Co-Host: We are now moving onto Scenarios! In this phase we are testing you on your knowledge of the rules, comprehension, grammar, and question correctness- in addition to your knowledge with equipment!

Host/Co-Host: Before we move forward, I’d like to address three important rules to pass this section.


  1. DO NOT actually frisk or kill the inmates. (Just say -frisks-)
  2. DO NOT step outside the yellow box.
  3. The tools permitted for this section are handcuffs, tasers, Glocks and shields. The use of any other tools will result in a failure.

Host/Co-Host: Now please split up into 2 equal groups on the lime lines along the room.

We ask that the helper stands on one end of the box, while the attendee stands on the opposite side.

Once Finished. Please put attendees in an STS formation in the Session Room for further instruction.

Riot Control:

  • Make sure all attendees are in a line, STS.
  • Use one of your helpers to be the target, they will go to one end of the room.
  • The target goal is to rush towards the attendee, their aim is to touch them to get them out.
  • The officer’s goal is to kill the inmate rushing them before they get touched. The officer can move and jump around!
  • Host/Co-Host will call the trainees up one by one, after they’re done with riot control tell them to go STS on another line.

Host: Welcome to the next phase for the training! In this section about riot control! We will be testing on your shooting and combat skills!

Host: In this section the inmates will be in one corner whereas you will be in another. Your goal is to eliminate the inmate before it touches you.

Host: The inmates will run and jump towards you to get you out. However you can run and jump as well to get them.


(Username) Come up





  • Make sure all attendees are in line, STS.
  • The host has 3 options how they do 1v1’s - either partner picking (most recommended and quickest) or as a tournament or knockout.
  • To make 1v1’s work the host must team one of the people to the inmate team to make it possible for them to fight! (Make sure they use same guns for fair fights)
  • Host is recommended for the people to fight to be of the same rank. If that’s not possible then they should fight someone that is near their rank.
  • Host is recommended to set people up to fight their own device. This can make fights fairer.
  • Yes the host or co-host or helpers can join in 1v1’s and fight the attendees.
  • Host will call up attendees 1 by 1 to fight and only team one of them without res so they can keep equipment. When the fight is finished, bring the person that died and line them both up.

Host: Welcome to the next phase for the training! In this section about 1v1’s! We will be testing on your shooting and combat skills!

Host: In this section there will be 2 people fighting each other and whoever wins will be more likely to pass this training. I will start calling you up!


(Username) Come up





  • Make a straight line in the session-room, towards the back of the session-room on the blue instructional line(s).

  • You will then call each attendee into the accuracy testing-room, furthermore proceeding with instruction.

  • Please note the attendees shooting-statistics located on the accuracy status In-Game. Players must hit a total of 15+ targets in order to pass the section.
  • Once completed, you will then relocate the attendee into the session room on the green-instructional line(s).
  • It may be helpful to expedite checking staff-cooldowns during this section, as it usually takes the longest.

Host/Co Host: We are now moving onto the accuracy phase! In this phase we will be testing you on your precision, aiming skills, listening skills, and accuracy!

Host/Co-Host: Your task here is simple, you will be re-located one by one into our accuracy testing room.

Host/Co-Host: From there, you will stand on the red-instructional line and wait for instruction to shoot the targets.

Host/Co-Host: (Username) Please follow me into the accuracy room.

Knock your weapon!




Simulation Tactics


Ensure that everyone understands and is on the same page as you, this section will go wrong if you have attendees confused or unsure on what to do.

Host: We are now moving on to simulation tactics. In this section, we are testing you over your ability to not only listen to instructions, but to carry out two successful tactics to secure the prison.

Host: The following phase will be detailed and described to you next.

Wedge Formation Tactic

(You will decide who passed this section based on who is actively following instructions, and doing what they need to correctly.)

Host: We’ll now begin with a wedge formation where all of you will be placed somewhere in the session room in a wedge with all your weapons or shields out.

Host: Then you’ll be focused on the Sessions Room door, this is being done in case there’s Criminals planning to breach the Sessions Room.

Host: I’ll now explain wedge formation for those that do not know.

Wedge Formation - The Host will be the head, all the attendees should form an arrow or a V formation like birds flying in the sky.


Host: Everyone, form a wedge formation on me with your [Shields / Pistols] out.

Yard Formation Tactic

(You will decide who passed this section based on who is actively following instructions, and doing what they need to correctly.)

Host: Moving onto the next tactic, we’ll be practicing to keep criminals away from the yard.

Host: We’ll be in a SFL [Single File Line] and once we arrive at the yard gate we’ll move into a STS (Shoulder To Shoulder) line on the farthest white-line.

Host: The aim of doing this is to make sure that the yard can be secured as it is a place where a lot of raiders are able to easily take over, and help other prisoners escape.

Host: If you do not understand this section please give us a shout using the PTS system so we can ensure everyone is on the same page and that everyone knows what to do.

Room Clearing

This section is purely based on clearing the main structure of the facility. In a timely, and efficient manner. During this section, attendees will clear the entire main hallway while maintaining proper formation/position the entire way through the procedure. Lethal force will be used throughout this section- any and all inmates within the hallway will be killed on-site.

Note: If a selected member confuses other members and or is not getting the concept. You may put them to the side until the section has been completed.

Note: The attendees are to start at the Session-Room and will conclude at the Maximum Security Yard. You are not permitted to enter actual stations where inmate personnel is held.

Please ensure attendees are in STS formation.

Host/Co-Host: We will be moving on to the single most important factor of practice. Clearing rooms/hallways. Today, we will be clearing the main hallway of the facility.

Host/Co-Host: Before we move forward, I will be moving you into a single file line. Please stay in your designated position. You must stay with the same line for the duration of this section.

Line the attendees up before going over the procedure... To ensure they have a visual of what to do.

Host/Co-Host: When we move forward. The two people in the front of the line will stand BESIDE the door, while everyone else will stand against the hallway wall.

The helper(s)/co-host(s) may lead the group. However, you are required to have two people in the front who understand this section completely.

Host/Co-Host: Once EVERYONE is in place, you will move on to the next door. We ask that you DO NOT close doors behind you when moving forward.

Host/Co-Host: When clearing the hallway, if there are any inmates roaming/inside of the hallway as we clear the main hallway. You are subject to eliminating the inmate.

Host/Co-Host: The lines we’ve created will represent which side of the hallway you will go to. The right line will go to the right side of the hallway, while the left goes to the left.

Host/Co-Host: We will be entering the Maximum Security Cellblock, then making our way down the hallway to the Maximum Security Yard.

Host/Co-Host: Does anyone have any questions before we begin this section?

Please ensure everyone understands, before moving forward. Please correct people as they go on.

Once finished. Please move on to the next section and relocate the attendees into the session-room.

h Everyone from the current training, please report back to the session room for further instruction.

Taser Accuracy

[Do not do regular accuracy and taser accuracy do only one of them]

  • Line up all attendees on the same line.
  • Use one of your helpers to be the target, they will go to one of the far ends of the session room and move side to side (No sprinting or jumping).
  • Host/Co-Host call the trainees up one by one, after they’re done with shooting tell them to stand on another line.
  • Depending on the amount of co-hosts, helpers the host has. You may use shooting as a way to check CDs on the side. Making training faster.
  • You should note all usernames first then you can just remove their name if they fail. It makes it faster and you could do this when they are answering questions.
  • Team the helpers to the inmate team and to they can be tased.
  • Make sure to refresh the helper to!

Host/Co-host: We are now moving onto the taser accuracy phase! In this phase we will be testing you on your precision, aiming skills, listening skills and your accuracy!

Host/Co-Host: Your task here is simple, you will be called up one by one and your aim is to taser the moving target! You have 3 tries to hit the target. Please remain STS until you are called up.


(Username) Come up.

Knock your weapon!




Concluding the Training

  1. When you’re done with the last section, you will line all trainees to the same line in the session room.
  2. Make sure to check the passers’ CDs by going onto discord → Intel → #bot-commands and type in rg!cooldowns -username(s).
  3. Gather the usernames, rank the passers via Stateview Administration Bot/BloxCord and remember to log in #promotion-logs
  4. After you conclude your training, log it in #training-logs and delete your session in #:alarm_clock: | sessions!
  5. Remember to use the correct format when logging (Found in #training-logs’ Pins)

Host: We have now completed all phases of this modified training! In a few minutes, I will announce the passers. During this time feel free to chat amongst yourselves (PTS inactive).

Announce the Passers

Host: If you have been promoted from this training, you will have a cooldown ranging from 3 days – 1 week. Please check with us if you’re unsure!

Host: This is the end of the Modified Training! It has been an honor and a joy being your host today!

Co-Host: I as well, want to say it was amazing being your co-host today! You all did great! All dismissed!

h The modified training is now over! Passers please say !rejoin to be able to see your new ranks! All dismissed from the session room!"

I am adding more stuff! If you want anything in the guide just DM me!

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