More Car Spawns/Spawning Cars Limit

At the criminal base, people can stay in the car once it spawns and not move, which is quite annoying since you’ll have to walk all the way back to the prison unless they move it.

Therefore, I think that you should add another car spawn at the criminal base to prevent this from happening a lot. Or, you could just add more car spawns around the map. For example, there is a broken wall that you can escape through near the Yard towers; you could maybe add a car spawn there.

It would also be cool if you added a limit to how long you can stay in a car when you spawn it in. For example, if you spawn a car and don’t drive it away for 30 seconds, the car will automatically despawn. This feature would be good for the criminal base.


I agree. However, at the criminal base or somewhere around the map as you were saying (I believe I saw this idea in another post. It starts here), it would be an idea to have a car it would cost x dollars earned by being active and playing (and some other idea) (It ends here). Then from there, it could be put in a garage manually or as you stated, “if you spawn a car and don’t drive it away for 30 seconds, the car will automatically despawn.” and it would despawn to a garage. Or it could be a ‘digital’ garage. Where there is no garage, but there would be a tab, you click or press it, and it pops up “garage”, “settings”, and any other ideas.

Edit: There might need to be a longer time than 30 seconds. This would be due to people just going afk for a minute to do something outside of the game or inside of the game. If they came back and their car was missing, it might be a highly complained about if it seems too hard to respawn in a vehicle, which I hope won’t be lol. (Also, I’m going to try and find the post about cars costing money to spawn in or buy, I can’t remember to well about it.)

Edit: I found it! Add a car store to the city