More Detailed Modcalls

I suggest that when you run the modcall command a GUI pops up prompting you for a lot of information.
Information includes:

  • Suspect username (required)
  • Reason/what rule they were breaking
  • Proof (optional, only supports yt links)

I might update this list later if I think of more fields

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I like this, I think it would be very beneficial.

I think not since that would completely remove IA of it’s purpose, and GA would not be so active since they don’t need to attend modcalls.

skyzzzz11 (Roblox: felipeEruimEchato)

Yea the current system is already good.


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Not good with average wait time of 10 minutes.

10 mins is not bad… GA has a life… Also record them and report in intel if you don’t want to wait.


GA would just have more information which would be very beneficial especially if the caller leaves.
Not implements this hurts GA also because we will have more modcalls where there is no proof and the suspect already left. This can drastically increase wait time which is very bad.
The priority here should be wait times and customer service, not having a potentially redundant department.

No. I see where your coming from but no, It should be optional.


Why should it be optional if you don’t mind me asking…

As I said, IA would have no purpose. Also, it’s not always that the caller will have proof on the spot and again, GA would never need to attend a modcall.

It is better to have faster response times and better service than to have a department with no purpose. By bringing IA having no purpose if this change was implemented you are putting a department over the satisfaction of the players.

Proof from the caller is not required for some modcalls because if the player is still in the game we can spectate them. However, I see what you mean now because the proof is required in this suggestion. What if the proof field was changed to optional and the system was reworked to detect when the suspect entered in the required “suspect” field leaves the game. If they leave and no proof was entered in the proof field then the modcall embed sent to the modcall channel will be appended with a “Suspect Left” footer/message.

Yes we will would for modcalls that have proof or with this new update I mentioned above, modcalls where the suspect is still in the game (if there is no proof)

I have an even better idea. I will make a new topic. But anyway, your answer was good, but still, I don’t think the developers would “remove” IA. Maybe a better approach? But, you are still very right with your answer.

What if instead of providing the proof in the modcall they select a checkbox stating whether or not they have proof?

Yes. Very good.


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