My admin commands don’t work like ‘view’

Please include the following in your reports.

*My commands dont work.

  • all the time.
  • Video showing the bug

Yeah, when I try to pm someone, it just sends the message to me.

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The following commands also don’t work:

  • view
  • pm
  • info
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Same as me!


What admin? The FD+ admin or the one with money?

Crinolli, Prison Inspector

I may ask, did you purchase the in-game admin?
Are you FD+?
Are you GA?
If you are any of the lower two, message a SHR.
If you are the upper, you can’t use commands like “view” and “info”.
If PM does not work for you, please, use this format: pm .

Game Administrator.

Yeah I purchased the Gamepass Admin commands, my rank is Superintendent, and I’m not a Game Administrator.

  • 123jonSLO

They do work you probably are not typing them in right.

Same Lol, hope it gets fixed!

they work for me i use them yesterday to get a mass AAer baned

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