My opinons on revert

New map: keep it, gives more incentive for criminals to go back to base and raid also more chaos.

White warden uniforms: Confusing but good

VK: Its good I don’t see abuse At The Moment but in my opinion a modcall should exist alongside it so if someone abuses we can call a mod to report them.

SR room raidable: Keep it. It is annoying but it is a good reaction time test and sees if everyone works as a team. I know the protection was added because people found it annoying but if enough people know the skills to use in regular combat (jumping and shooting, tazing, cuffing, healing) no casualties will occur.

From what I know, the SR room isn’t meant to be raidable. I think having the SR room raidable is just a bad idea, not just for shifts, but for training as well. During a training, trainees and trainers (and for good reason) priority is for them to be foccused. Having people interrupt the training for no reason but for pleasure is an awful idea. It stops progress from being made within the community (via training’s, shifts etc…) and makes trainings and shifts less organized (people automatically falling out etc…).

The rest of what you said I agree with though.

Ok but when you think about it it seems that people ban anything that stops them doing something.

raiding should be allowed because that is what would happen irl. This is a roleplay game and having a room that provides instant protection if your inside it isnt roleplay. What if a officer just bols from a criminal into that room so they can taze them easily.

I haven’t played stateview for 5+ months but when I used to a lot of people would abuse it.

And about the mod call system, that would be easily abusable too. You can just simply report the abuser in the intel server if you got a screenshot or any sort of proof.

An example of a SR raid causing great harm can be found here in this clip during a shift. Stateview Prison, as well, is not a 100% realistic. Hence having a SR lock would make sense. You will also find, prison’s almost never get raided IRL. Training’s are often not done on sight as well in IRL prisons. It just doesn’t make sense to remove a rule that’s in place for a reason.