New Car Physics and Helping the Car Not be so OP

I think there should be new car physics, for example, bumping into the back of a car in order to slow it down or make the condition worse.

I also think that police should be able to arrest criminals better because its much harder to arrest criminals (going into the car and putting you camera at a angle to see the inmate in order to cuff it and arrest it, also causing a character sliding glitch) Possibly clicking on the car with your cuffs in order to throw the inmate out of the car to arrest it.

Yea, currently its basically impossible to catch a criminal in a car

Almost, if you put your camera inside the car then you can see the criminal and cuff him while in the car, but it makes you slide everywhere when you get out of the car.

It’s impossible to kill or cuff a inmate in a car so maybe we can shoot the wheels or break the car a bit to be able to shoot them