New Changes information (OLD)

Since @Esb678, @jojoinzoravar, and I have recently received trust level three, commonly known as “regular”, we have gained access to higher permissions. As a “regular” we will use our permissions to make the community even better for everyone, and new members as well.

Changes that you may experience with your topics:

1: Title change
- The title of your topic may be changed for the following reasons:
Your title is inappropriate.
Your title contains misinformation.
Your title is not clear to everyone.
Your title does not fit with the topic.
Your title has grammar errors.

If your title has been changed, feel free to contact me and @Esb678, @jojoinzoravar or change it back

2: Category change
-The category your topic is in is not right and may be confusing to others.
-Your topic is not a bug but is in the “Bug Reports” category.

Please note that topics in “Bug Reports” changed for the reason above are to be changed to “Community Support”.

If the category your topic is in has been changed, feel free to contact me and @Esb678, @jojoinzoravar or change it back

@skyzzzz11 @Esb678 @jojoinzoravar
“Regular” members in the forums
Community Support Team




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Ok…sooooo you plan on changing ppls topics on discussions that they post without getting it confirmed that yall are allowed to???

Extremely suspicious. Nobody even knows who you are. Your perms will prob get taken away soon.

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It’s not just me. It’s @Esb678 as well. We are only trying to help the community.

We have the permission and we are also letting people know about our changes in their topics. We are just trying to help the community.

Im aware that with the role yall have permission to do so but im talking about like permission from executives to moderate the fourms

I would recommend you guys to not abuse those permissions and just let things be.


Imagine flexing your “regular” perms

We are not trying to abuse. We are trying to organize the community. Category and title changes are not even that big. But if changed correctly, it could help a lot of people.

Yeah, It’s just helping the community. I am soooo close to regular

Random guy in Events.

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I’m aware, but yall should still get permission before doing things like this, that way the executives know whats happening in the fourms.

They wouldn’t give us the perms for it if they didn’t want us to do it…

Can you add “Topic is in bug reports category, but is a known issue.” as a reason for a category change?

Fine. Since all you kids are whining, let’s ask the mods here. They gave us these perms on purpose.
@Trey @dpimpy @SirYeet

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No way bro pinged Trey, Yeet, and Pimpy :skull_and_crossbones:

How else were we supposed to ask?

Here, vote on if we should use our perms.:

  • Yes, keep using your perms
  • No, stop until we ask a mod
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I made the poll anonymous, so don’t be afraid to be honest.

im pretty sure thats a trust level thing, like the forums auto give yall that role instead of executives

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Yes, but they are able to change it.

Regulars get access to stuff like that but moderators and regulars are very different

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