New command to give glock17

So today, Cadet Officer wasn’t able to do training section “accuracy” because he didn’t have a gun. He tried to pickpocket, but didn’t get a glock. That’s why I suggest that FD’s that are allowed to host trainings and ranks above will have command to give glock and remove it after, so the training would be equal!

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Just let them pickpocket you for the gun, then the FD can refresh them to remove it, this is what I usually do when I do accuracy during a training.

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Well, Cadets should focus on learning the prison play for a while, and play on each team (Inmate, Crim, and CAO) instead of going to training. Which is basically a test and not training the one thing training may teach a cadet is what to do with abusers, mod calls, and stuff, If I were a cadet learning the game. I would ask MR and HR how to play and look up and join the discord server and ask for advice and look for shifts that are better since they get a chance to interact with higher-ranking or more experienced members of State View Prison.

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