New Ranking system

New ranking system for CO-DW.

A friend of mine who plays SV as an inmate told me that there were many abusers as COs-DWs. Once a DW votekicked him/her for having guns gampasses. (He/She told me to keep the name anyomnous.)

I would like to remake it like this:
Firstly, CO can only be achievable by tryouts, and COs can’t be promoted in trainings, RPCs, Inspections. That would prevent abusers. (Lvl + promotional events prevent abusers.)

LSI-CO-Only by tryouts. Remove the quiz center.
CO-ERT, level + all promotional events.
ERT-COMM- All promotional events.
COMM-PI- Level + promotional events.
PI-DW- Level + inspections + quiz for them to quiz them about when to start a vote kick and why.

Signed- cin123456_2 Stateview Prison Chairperson.

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I dont agree, we only have 200 people playing at once and this would make many players quit the game

Hmm point taken. How about, make the quiz back, but add a rank named TempCO. It will change to CO once they finish a tryout and also make tryouts for FD+ with CAC+ supervise and CP+ helpers. It will make abuse less and less people quit. But remove cuffs and guns for TCO.

Signed- cin123456_2 Stateview Prison Chairperson.

Good idea, I would definitly remove weapons as correctional officers dont need guns. But what is the difference betweeen tempCO and CO?

CO have cuffs.

Signed- cin123456_2 Stateview Prison Chairperson.

I think this update would be bad but only for one reason, A LSI-CO Tryout would be very bad update because we got like 141k LSI in the group and the trainers would feel overwhelmed and exhausted because then it would be so hard to reach the QUOTA and many trainers have other responsibilities to take care of. e.g- School, Homework, Projects, Discord announcements etc-.

Signed by adamus20195 Warden of SVP

There are about 200-250+ ranks that can host tryouts if it is lowered to FD. So I do not think it will happen.

And there would be even more if you made it CP+.

Yes, but I do not think it would be a good thing to do, bc some CPs do not know how to host.

Sometimes I thing we have to many members of staff…