New room for SV prision!

Hi, people reading this post, I would like to tell you a little about some rooms or new rooms that could be added/improved.


-Enlarge the room, whenever there is status there are always riots.
-Add the Max shower, a room you will find more or less here

I unfortunately never played when there was an infirmary, but in my opinion they could put it back for RP but also for healing.

SV 2
Here you will be able to put the infirmary.



In my post I have already said some topics for criminals, but I would like to add and say some again.

I- add more spown/zones for criminals, 1 could stay where it is still, the other in the city(gas station) and another there of the houses

II-I hate campers on the criminal base, so I’d like to reset it when a cop goes, except if he’s a modcall operator, because the operator will have to use a {Ex. command! URCB[UnResetCrimBase]} for not being res inside.

III-New weapons for criminals, such as scissors and pincers, in which scissors will be used to cut some specific points of a network, and pincers to free other criminals when they were arrested but are still stuck to criminals.


  1. Camping is illegal despite it being a valid roleplay thing

I know, but CAO and ERT disrespect this rule.

I would prefer more weapons for better ranks.

Overseer Command