New session to SVP

Name: Hide 'n seek.
In this session, there will be 4 rounds and if needed, 5th round. In this session 1st Guards are searching inmates, which are hided on the prison. Inmates cant be outside prison walls. When guard founds inmate, They will fight with guns. All the inmates has guns. If the guard wins by tasing, killing or cuffing inmate, that inmate must go to the Sessions Room. In 1-2 rounds there is 5min time to go to hiding place. 2nd round is same, but now the guards are hididng. 3-4 rounds, the hididng place is outside the prison walls, aka nearly the whole map. Now 3rd round guards are hiding, and yes there is gun battle in EVERY ROUND. Now there is 8mins to hide in 3-4 rounds. 1 round win = 1 point. If the points are 2-2, there will be 5th round. Both teams will choose 1 to take gun battle each others. Like inmates will choose 1 and guards will choose 1 and these 2 will take gun battle. The winner will decie, does his team hide or search. In 5th round hiders can hide everywhere to map! But there is 10 mins time to hide! In 1-2 rounds there is 10 minutes time to search. Hiders are allowed to switch place, but if someone see them, they cant use gun. in 3-4 rounds there will be 18 mins to find hiders. 5th round theres 20 mins to find the hiders.
This session would be hosted by CAC with PC+ supervision. PC+ Can host without supervisior. This session would be mandatory. All the winners would get great activity! If you like this idea, i can make guide for this instead of someone else could do guide for this.


  • SIGNED - Henkka1981 - CHAIRPERSON

What you guys think? Should i make guide for this?

Seems kinda boring and some people will use view command and it would probably be pure chaos. Isnt really realistic either.

Thats why there is more supervisiors than 1. Also only these, who doesnt attend can use command. If someone uses command, then he will get some punishment. Also this would be in guide.