Not Getting Gamepass Gun


I bought the M4A1 game-pass and it gives it to me when I first join but if I switch teams it takes it away

How often does it occur

Every time

Where does it occur

The game

How to reproduce

Join with the game-pass and switch teams

Video showing the bug

Its not a bug you have to rejoin to get it.

If you would watch the video I did rejoin :slight_smile:

Hello phyouthcenter1,

When you rejoined, you joined the Correctional Staff team and switched back to the inmate team. If you want to receive your M4A1 on the inmate team when you join, you must directly join the Inmate team, then you can only get it back from rejoining the game and going directly on the Inmate team.

Yes, this should be fixed. Plus if I do this and die on inmate when I respawn I don’t get the gun.

rejoin bro!


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The gun is only given once, You must rejoin to receive it again.

Thats why it is in bug reports. It needs to be fixed.

  • If you die with the M4 gamepass, you lose the weapon until you are arrested and spawn as inmate again (or play at a different time). Note: You still have keycard, Glock, boombox, and etc.

Its meant to happen…


This should be changed because it is not told to anyone (even in the game pass description) that this happens. It is extremely upsetting because I did not pay for a gun that I will hardly ever have…

Just rejoin its not that hard and stop complaining next time ask in the discord if you have questions about it.

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Okay :nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:

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How is that disrespect :skull:

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