Not sure if this should be in Discussion) Should there be a Session team in game?

The session team would be for CP+ and When a supervisor is there they would also team helpers that team for the session and there would be a GUI and it would be like this

This is a POV for CPs

What kind of session are you hosting?
Available to you: Shifts
Unavailable to you: Training, RPC, and Inspection

Part 2 of this GUI

Shift selected
Announce Call 1-3

The announce call would be a button that announces the “A shift is being hosted” Message

Part 3

Then after the 3 calls, a text box will show up asking for attendees
Type in the attendee’s users
(For trainings type in the helpers and Co-hosts and supervisor in a box that will show up after you type in the attendees)

Then you will do the Srlock

then give the roles to each person

and the GUI will ask after 20 seconds after Pt.3 is done are you done giving roles if you click yes then it will announce after the roles are described it will dismiss them to roles

then after the sessions did you will manually recall them

Leave your thoughts below on the GUI this is for the Session team ONLY I will make a modified version for trainings if you guys like this

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Good idea, might be hard to implement but overall great idea.

Thanks! @a31thet1cs

  • Should this be added? Yes
  • Should this be added? maybe
  • Should this be added? Probably
  • Should this be added? Hell nah

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Too mucj work, not needed, it works completely fine and it would also be kinda boring.

Ok, this is gonna make me seem dumb, but what’s an RPC and what does it do?

I Agree With This I Have Been Thinking About This GUI For A While. I Was Planning To Suggest It. It Can Be Amazing To Have This GUI As With This You Can Also Add The Option To Schedule A Shift, 10 Mins Before And. It Gets Announced In The Server Automatically. Same Goes For Trainings, RPC, Inspection. A Bot Can Also Automatically Send A Message On Discord You Need Fill The Details In Game And Done! This Is Actually A Great Idea!

RPC is riot protocol i don’t know what’s in it because I have not been in one my self

GUIs like this are extremely hard to implement and it’ll be hard for the devs maybe.

They have made a few other GUIs so maybe It will be added

Possibly and I think it’s a great idea, but a little unnecessary and wouldn’t count on it

Okay okay thats your opinion thats fine