!notepad command

When hosting a shift, or taking down usernames in a training, we always have to open up a extra tab to note down the usernames, why not add a notepad command? Some games have this, and basically a notepad appears on your screen where you can change the size and shape of it, and I think it would be quite useful especially for CP+


I really agree, and this is probably one of the easiest things to add!

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I agree very much, this is so annoying.

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Yes only make it DW+, so we can note down the names of abusers and the warnings given.

funkygamer59 - Prison Warden

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I disagree, every rank should get it as you cant abuse it. There is literally no way they shouldnt add it to every rank.


iirc the one most groups use is the one that comes with Adonis Admin, however stateview uses Basic Admin so they’d either need to adopt Adonis for !notepad (you could disable all commands except this) or make their own (which also shouldn’t be too hard)

They can defenitly make their own, this shouldnt be a big problem

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Yeah however scripting it so it can be resized as you wish isn’t very easy as far as I’m aware. Maybe it’s easy when u know how tho lol! :joy:

4D is best when it comes to scripting;)

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There is probably even a BA 2.0 plug-in for this. @dpimpy should definitely add this.

Even i would be able to script this lmao

I like this idea, would remove the stress of remembering people’s names.

But you can just open a notepad on your pc/laptop.

Mobile Players Will Be Happy With This Idea…Also I saw an ERT doing !notepad Earlier So They Should Add This

Do it then lol and send them it

Mobile players: Am i a joke to you?

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Playeradded event
Playerchatted event
Check if the player said !notepad
Enable gui

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!notepad [spoiler]I need cars real bad rn[/spoiler]

Yes that’s easy, the not easy bit would be being able to drag the edges to resize the gui locally

I was just about to say this. It would make it a lot easier to remember warns you have given out any much more aswell.