Only COMM+ or PI+ use vote kick

Everyone Know COMM+ Can give warns, right? Let’s say for the Prisonier Inspector rank (PI) Is hard to find a DW+ some times they are not online, Let’s put PI+ to vote kick.

Do you know how much VKa happens already? Giving it to PIs won’t help.

Also, any server with 20+ people has a DW in it.

I agree with @Greekui9ii3 and also we are currently in a time where its hard to find a server without CP+ so DW+ shouldnt be a problem.

I agree with @Greekui9ii3. VK gets abused enough already.

Since wardens and deputy wardens already abusing it too much, giving VK permission to prison inspectors would make worse game experience.

you know, already there’s too much abuse.

Lmao no, and use the search bar next time

Would cause disaster, If you Can’t find a DW You can also report it. Even DWs are Abusing so…

no bad, bad idea, it will make more opportunity for kids to abuse

nah not ruin the experience just might lose almost 20% of the players

wow ur always showed up on every chat jonah btw i AGREE

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I also agree with @Greekui9ii3.

that could be the worst idea because they can abuse vote kick
signed 317goldpowerranger

COMM+ or PI+ having the ability to votekick will not be a good idea. They can VKa (Short for Vote kick abuse) on anyone and people would be pissed about it. There’s a reason why only DW+ have the ability to vote kick anyone if they see someone abusing something like gun abusing, random arrest, and cuffing others. If lets say a random PI decided to vote kick me for once, I would say that’s Vote kick abusing m8 and say that I did do something that I didn’t even do, that would not be fair for all of us.

(SVP rank: Warden)