Panic button on the Radio

Re-add the panic button on the radio but if you do plan on bringing this back maybe make it so it’s on a cooldown for like 2 minutes etc. This is to try and stop people that did use to spam panic for no reason or for the people that used to do it and never gave a location.

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Considering city will be removed soon, this might be a good idea. Sv id turning more rp like than before and not pvp like as planned. This means we would get less riots so also less reasons for panic button and also of it only happens inside prison youre actually able to give location. This would be great for rp again and i would like to see this happen. Panic button spam was a thing but i still think it would be cool to be brought back


I agree with Jonahh. That gonna be good idea to add it back with cooldown od 2min. That gonna be cery usefull to add it back