Pay to Play Nature of Stateview Prison

I wanted to share my frustration regarding the pay to play system Stateview is currently under especially when it comes to being an inmate. The fact that you need around four hundred robux to get a keycard, it’s frustrating.

Anyway that was it; call it “complaining” or “whining” whatever, those are just my frustrations, I call it criticism.

The reason it costs 400 robux for false keycard is so like 90% of the server doesn’t have it and tries to escape. I don’t see how Stateview is pay to play in any way. Sure you can buy ranks but you can also earn them.

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You are very right, as well as inmates can get the fake keycard by pickpocketing an officer. Stateview is very much not pay to play.

Bro it’s just meant to reduce escapes and make it easier for guards to stay in control.

(1. get good
2. no one rly cares
3. money
4. your money
5. you dont need these stuff to move around)


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I change my opinion man, honestly it’s really not that pay to play

At the beginning I obviously didn’t know this

you’re good mate.