People on Forced Leave should be able to join the inmate team

This might be dumb and counterintuitive. but here me out

Forced Leave bars you from joining the game, and I kind of think this is unfair. The meaning of Forced Leave is to make players take breaks from the game due to an addiction with it. People on Forced Leave should be able to join the Inmate team because being on the inmate team takes away the hassle of quota (eg hosting) and departmental work. It allows people to play the game in a stress free way.

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There’s nothing that would prevent this from also being harmful.

But that’s the point of FL


But the only times fl happens is when somebody buys you onto it… never when they’re actually concerned about your health

thats basically like paying money to get someone banned

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U can longer purchase someone’s FL now.



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Can confirm, you can request fl on someone, it will be checked. But no way to force it.

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No, you can.

Still sold by multiple associates (mainly trav and Ahmed)

No lmao, that defeats the purpose of FL

They announced cant. Idk lol.

True, but playing as an inmate is a way to play the game stress free, instead of outright not being able to play the game

those cao’s are gonna give you stress




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