Pepper spray tool

I think a pepper spray tool would be useful to react faster and better to a melee attack.

  1. You have a second option to stun a player.
  2. You don’t have a cooldown like a taser.

I would appreciate a reply with you opinion.

Colin_2k8 -Warden


Wouldn’t be that good, especially if it’s given at like CO, imagine just joining the game and getting pepper sprayed

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That is 99999999999999% that will happen as most Co and even some dw+ abuse.

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All tools can be abused so writing to don’t add new tool because it can be abused makes no sense.

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Hello @Coal_cola ,
I do not agree with this idea for multiple reasons, my first reason is we already have tasers, my second reason being that lots of people would heavily abuse this, my final reason being that it isn’t realistic for a prison.
Singned, 0759Master

A pepper spray tool can easily be mass abused and it will affect a lot of inmates at the same time, while with cuffs or taxers you can only abuse 1 inmate at a time

Thanks for all the replies! And i agree that it would be very much abused.