Permanent Gun Gamepasses & Dying [Inmate]

When you die, if you have bought a gamepass for a gun/keycard or a permanent gun/keycard, you should always respawn with that item you bought permanently as it is permanent and not temporary. After all, I didn’t spend 650 robux for a one-time item!

bad suggestion, people can abuse them when there’s no moderator in-game

This is how it worked for along time, but was removed in the 5/21 RP update. This is never coming back as it made it very difficult to play on staff teams everytime you killed an inmate with an M4 they would respawn and keep using the weapon. You will always have the M4 (Gamepass) while you are on the staff team or the criminal team ( You don’t lose the gamepass) . You do keep all other Gamepass items (Glock, Boombox, Fake keycard, Knife) this was made as a balancing reason and is most likely NEVER coming back.
Screenshot 2023-07-11 011812

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Prisoners with the Gun Gamepass are very annoying, when they riot using their weapons and then in the cuff they will rejoin and spawn at max security. Using a fake keycard to open all the doors and riot using his weapon again and it keeps repeating, also they often interrupt shifts. :neutral_face: :sweat_smile: