Permanent maximum security role

I would recommend having a permanent maximum security role cause there is no use having a maximum security section when they can just wait for less than 3 minutes to turn back into a normal inmate. So I think you should make it permanent.

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sorry staffs if i accidently pm you.

No, they removed it for a reason but I think they should make the time longer.

They had it in v1 but it was removed cause of abuse.

oh i see thank you for the information guys

I wanted to make some changes to my request, I would like the maximum security role to not be permanent on the first to ninth placement, but on the tenth placement, it will be permanent so that the abusive cops think that the prison is useless cause it doesn’t make any difference cause they would just teleport back after some time, and if you strong text DO make the update, make it a secret so people won’t abuse their powers as much.

Umm I’ve been in max over 100 times so not ten

no not the total times, the times per game.

Oh ok.

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what do you mean bro, you good?