Player Damaging Bug - Wanting Opinions/Fix to this issue

Please include the following in your reports.

  • Description
  • How often does it occur
  • Where does it occur
  • How to reproduce
  • Video showing the bug

The newest bug has occurred since the introduction of the Superintendant Rank. I have some information to share below:

I was demoted in the November Chair Person Demotions, this has since affected me due to an ongoing pop-up issue each time I attempt to join SV. This bug is game-breaking for me and I cannot play with anyone I know as I cannot see anything happening on my screen.

I also cannot click “redeem,” as I would bypass a demotion, making this issue more prevalent.

This occurs every time I attempt to load into Stateview Prison, there have been 0 times where this has not happened upon loading into the game.

It occurs anywhere I load into the game, and I cannot close the popup, which makes this bug game-breaking.

  1. You must have bought the Chairperson Role.
  2. You must have been demoted within the November Chairperson Demotion Spree.
  3. Upon joining the game, you will have a pop-up occur, this will occur every time.

Image showing bug as video is not required for this bug. Although if you require a video, contact me via Orie#6700.