Player of the month

This role will be given to the most influential players of that month,wheter if its a SHR+,a staff member,a LSI… This role is given by activity and achievements and those who have that role will be knowed and,they probably have a possibily to get a promo(this doesnt mean that person will have a promo inmediatly,but the chances to get it raises,especially with CP+).Each months there would be some people chosen to be candidate to be the player of the month and,the community will vote.
Let me know what do you think and if you have any suggestions also.

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I like the idea, but having the community vote wont work, due to most work actually being done in departments that are classified

@Blub20074 Departments? Classified? What is this, the CIA?

All i can say is that sv has departments where ppl do rlly good work for the community

Like, developing the game? Are you part of one?

I think he is in CM (Community Management) or something.

He cant say. A lot of departmental work is classified. Pretty much every department has classified info.
If he says “all i can say” Please do not pressure for even more information.

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