PLEASE stop making fun out of me

Since I suggested adding a Middle Rank exclusive weapon, everyone in Stateview started making fun out of me. Do you know how I am feeling right now? Do you want to feel the same as I do? If no, then please, just PLEASE. Stop making fun out of me in the communications server and in the forum. This is targetting, which is against the rules.

I thought that this community was good and respectful. Guess I was wrong… And now, I’m super disappointed. Now, I feel that the entire Stateview is against me and tries to get rid of me as soon as possible.

I just have no words…

SV Superintendent

At least moderators should do something about all that.

Hello @marceligaminghd. Yes, the attitude that others (including me) was not right nor very respectful. Some did explain better but some did make fun out that. What I suggest is to stop calling this targeting as no one is targeting you (in the forums) as well as just stop and ignore all of this. But just to remind you, it’s impossible to not make fun out of your topic. For everyone who started make fun out of this user, please apologize. But now you learned not to do this.

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Us mods can’t really do anything in the forums.

That’s ok. Also, my suggestion wasn’t the best, not gonna lie. And I didn’t expect it to go like this.

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