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As a skilled Superintendent in Stateview Prison, I noticed that High Ranks or higher have exclusive AKM weapon. I think that MRs also deserve an exclusive weapon, so their grinding for SI rank or higher doesn’t go to absolute waste.

The weapon I think should be exclusive to MRs and higher is AUG A1.
What about the weapon stats?
Damage: Same as M16
Firerate: Slightly faster than M4A1
Has a working scope with higher zoom: Yes
Clip size: 30
Spare ammo: 300
Reload time: Slightly longer because the mag is on the back of the weapon
Recoil: A little easier than M4A1

Overall, this weapon could be perfect for people that like fighting at mid-long range.

Kind regards,
SV Superintendent

no you are just power hungry, just rank up to CAC and get AK or better yet, buy honey badger/minigun/nerve agent/desert eagle/tec 9/dragunov from a sales associate


I mean… The MRs are too underrated, they need a reward for reaching the SI rank aside of the title.

They don’t need a reward, SI is too easy to get

Two things. First of all, I’m not power hungry, I just think that MRs need some extra equipment to deal with inmates and criminals. Second, I had enough of being framed into things that I didn’t even do.

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Decent suggestion. However, it’s unlikely that the developers will implement this and MR ranks are not that hard to obtain. You also get many other benefits like being able to host, admin commands and more as a MR, so I do not believe they need their own gun.

MRs are overrated and getting SI is not difficult at all, you can legit buy it for robux so no they dont deserve some random unique weapon, if you want better weapons just buy the swat bundle

I already have the SWAT kit lol.

then why you want more guns??? power hungry is all you are

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Alright, listen. I don’t want more guns for myself, only for other MRs that are broke as heck and can’t afford better weapons. And stop saying that I’m power hungry because I’m just not.

You have plenty of weapons so this is really just you being power hungry. you can always buy weapons from SA’s in the main server.

Well one: they went through harder effort to get HR then You did to get SI and also, just to clarify, high ranks do not get the AKM what they get is the HICOMM team that has the AKM :nerd_face: .

Too ez to get MR grinding for MR won’t ever go to waste.

Overall, yes you are power hungry.

“Regular” in the forums
Stateview Chairperson
Former Game Administrator

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Can you please, not make fun out of me? This is targeting, and it’s against the SV regulations.

Bro what? I’ll delete the first part if you want but fr now.

Then do it, I just don’t want to be targeted anymore.

I’m not targeting u bro. Stop coming up with random excuses.

I mean, this is the second time you’ve called him hungry…

So it’s not just random.

I called him hungry one time bud



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Where bud. I only said that once.