Prison layouts could have more ammenities

I feel that there is something missing that needs to be included in the prison. And like I think more activities can be put in place to make the prison seem more lively and fun. Like we could allow inmates to lie down on beds. Or we could add lounges in the prison for guards. There could be arts and crafts workshops and cooking sessions for inmates. There could be a wall in showers to separate the male and female shower areas too. Seems like a school instead of a prison but I think it’s important to allow inmates to enjoy their time in prison mainly because I’ve seen many inmates attacking guards with weapons, which makes me think that they did it because they are bored. So adding these features could possibly allow a more peaceful insight of the prison?

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I disagree with male/female separated cuz it means I wouldn’t be able to talk to half to my friends (its just a game cmon)

With the other parts i agree


I agree even I admit it 100% I attack guards with my weapons there is nothing to do in prison I agree perfectly.

I feel like the criminal and police should have more stuff to do and I feel like the showers are to hard to even to get out of so I think it should be easyer