Prison revamp ////

revamp a prison a bit. put a rank lock on LD and the chair (where ERT and below cant enable LD and PI and below cant execute inmates), new LD & evac sounds, make the prison bigger, make guns more expensive, separate CB and lunch, locker system with uniforms and guns (officers can buy guns like the AKM, MP5, M16, honey badger, etc) add an ingame currency system for said guns to buy.

make criminal spawn, corrections spawn and ERT spawns safezones for the teams. they cannot be killed and criminals cannot be cuffed by a camper upon spawning

that’s all i got for now

Bro… V3 is coming out soon


That means no revamp

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I would say yes but there’s V3…

Also last time they changed the prison they made the cafe super bad.



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They’re already revamping it in V3. pay attention to Stateview news.

damn bro i thought u were gonna put my user in the description