Private Message Command for DW+

I really think that the “pm” command could be usefull for the DW+ so they can warn people without even being there. Also we can PM admins or CP+ so they can report them and staff warn them.

Thanks for reading this thread. I would really like for this feature to be put in the games.

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ummmmmmm they aren’t gonna add that if you wanna pm them u must be near them and do /w (user) (text)

@_milky but i don’t see the chat (:blush:

u have to be at least 10 studs to see the message if it is a whisper.

That is the whole point for “pm” , so we don’t have to get close to the user.

true but that is used for only CAC+ i think or chairperson

Chairperson gets the same admin as FD, so yeah they get all commands except for :team, :warp, :SRlock, and :kill commands. There might be more commands that they don’t get but that’s what I know.

It would be a nice Warden update because, as you mentioned, you can report people by pm’ing CP+.
What are your thoughts on this, if any admins see it?

There is really no point in this being added, most DW’s are just random people that are not trained enough to be using commands, it would just cause more abuse in our systems. Additionally, Deputy Wardens have no need to use this command for any reason, so why add it?

what is the reason of having dw doing pms?

Only thing I could think of is warning/teaching other staff/inmates, but that could lead to impersonation

Seems really logical because it would be more easier to communicate to rule breakers or officers and inform them of the issue or issue a warning.

What about for players that are level 80+ or that are wardens?

@jackmann40 Even though you are new You replied 2 months later, Please Dont Necropost.

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Just reply not posting anything??

A reply and a post is the same thing. Necroposting is still annoying.