Questions guide

Hey! I’ve been seeing a lot of people confused and not know what to put for questions in training. So I have made this post in order to educate new people what to do in situations!

What are cuffs used for?
I see that a lot of people have no clue when to use cuffs and will just randomly start cuff abusing. Cuffs are usually used to transport inmates from one place to another, arresting criminals, frisking inmates seen with weapons. There probably are more reasons it’s just this is what I could think of off the top of my head.

What is lethal force used for?
So random killing is what I see most often. I know that cross fire exists and in situations where the offender is blending in with a gun, sometimes you shoot some people in the way. But lethal force is most likely used when an inmate has trespassed into a restricted area, seen with a weapon (NOTE: if you manage to cuff and inmate who has a weapon, don’t just let them go and then shoot them, bring them to maximum/solitary depending on the context.) continuously violating rules, passing what I like to call “the lethal line” near the exit and outside the CO team spawn.(NOTE: Do not kill inmates if they pass the red line near the doors in lunch, cells, showers etc. instead warn them. NOTE 2: Nearly all of these are void if you manage to cuff the inmate instead of killing them.)

What are some reason you should put an inmate in maximum security?

Maximum security and solitary are both kind of interchangeable. But with the main question is, which one is worse? The answer is honestly interchangeable. But the way I generally look at it is, Solitary is mainly a role play thing and Solitary is usually used for single time offenders, and max is for actual people who keep offending.
(NOTE: The maximum version will often most likely just be continuing doing the action you were punished for, ex: getting 3 warnings will give you solitary, if after you leave solitary you continue getting warnings you may be placed in max)

seen with a gun, but not firing it. / seen with a gun and firing it. (Seen with a gun, but not firing it multiple times.

Receiving 3 warnings/ (after solitary punishment) continuously receiving warnings.

Trespassing, attempting escape/ continuously trying to escape (if you try and escape just once it is a solitary however if you use illegal weapons, or break more rules while escaping you will be placed in maximum security.)

A good rule of thumb is if you just break one serious rule like escaping then you get placed in solitary, but if you keep breaking the rule, you will get placed in maximum security.

What is a taser used for?
This one is pretty easy. Tasers are usually used to subdue an enemy escaping or to stop an enemy trespassing. Basically just used to subdue an inmate.

What is a gun used for?
Guns are used to use lethal force on an inmate breaking rules. There’s not really much to say here.

Hey so these are some of the questions I came up off the top of my head. And the answers are also what I could just think up. If there is something you would like to add, or something that is incorrect please tell me! I want to keep this information as correct and as factual as possible! If you have any questions feel free to leave on in the comments!