Radio for free during trainings, for helpers, co-hosts, supervisors and hosts

Yea this idea was trash no need to reply anymore i am now just filling this so i can post this and i need 250 characters which is kinda absurd, ok i now can post this,.

Its kot about fear, they sell the gamepasses for money. And also, they csnt just give you cape access since its a basic admin thung that you need to buy, not theirs.

CP Isn’t 100% Trustworthy, thats why they require supervisors.
I dont think they should just get free stuff, the devs need that to make money.

The devs want money
If this were to be added it should be cac+, bog+, or cos+

Rip your regular :frowning: how did you even loose it?

I still don’t know how to get regular :sob:

It’s not that hard to find the requirements if you look.

here is the detailed spot for how to obtain regular

Huh i didnt notice what :sob: :(((( @dpimpy help
Pls i lost my trust level

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Your regular is gone :sob:
pls come back to regular gang

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