Radio reset when dying

Please include the following in your reports.

  • Description: Radio chat resets and is annoying when you want see a chat.
  • How often does it occur Evey time you die.
  • Where does it occur: Game?..
  • How to reproduce: I’m not developer and i I don’t understand this.
  • Video showing the bug: Enter the game and reset/get killed.

This is a bug for mobile…?




Well i donno bout this bec most play on PC or laptop so yea

Let me see if I understood correctly: are you talking about radio messages disappearing from the radio when the player respawns? If yes, I don’t think this is a bug, and it may be like this so that the radio doesn’t become some sort of chatlogs.

Yes, you right.

That is a bug on mobine and only appears on mobile. The bug has been there since the new radio was changed to the new one. If you want iz to be fixed, you can just rejoin the game and try not to die.

This happens now. I think it’s a intentional feature