Randomly getting killed

So there are multiple spots in the prison where you randomly get killed, one of which is in the SR, and is the most annoying one you almost 100% get killed if you spam jump between the window and the roof: Roblox 2021 07 16 10 07 14 Trim - YouTube

Sometimes you also get killed when you sit and someone collides with your avatar, I had to try to take a picture 3 times due to this.

ALSO: I just spawned under the map from criminal team, I suspect that the map has been moved up/down or something.

JUST FOUND ANOTHER SPOT: if you walk on higher part of cafetaria, you have a change of getting killed too.

FOUND SOMETHING ELSE: spinning on someone’s head will kill them too: Roblox 2021 07 16 12 10 38 - YouTube

@dpimpy I’m pinging as this glitch is really annoying me when taking pictures, and I think it should be fixed fast.

I’m on mobile and I get killed when I input my callsign -_-
This seems like a major bug tho.