Rank requirements for access

Here is the key for ranks.

  1. Medical Officer, Corrections Officer: Level 1, Spawn, Cell block regular, Cafeteria, Yard regular.
  2. ERT: Level 2, Spawn, Max, Solitary, Outside access ( Not watchtowers or city, City is pass the gate), Able to vote for kicking someone.
  3. Commander: Solitary Cafeteria, Able to votekick with a server majority and a DW+ majority vote, Watchtower access and watchtower (No city access yet)
  4. Prison Inspector: Able to go into city, Able to votekick with the approval of a Warden or a DW majority vote if more than 1 if Warden is not present and a server vote majority of ERT+.
    Deputy Warden: Access to all locations, Votekick freely but must pass a server majority.
    Warden: Access to everything, Votekick without vote but server must validate rule or bans users.
    Chairperson: Access to votekick without vote.

Deputy Warden


I disagree with a lot of this. The votekick permissions mostly


I totally agree CP+ vote kick and lower ranks don’t have perms to go there.

Pro chairperson,

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But cp can just kick, why votekick for them?


Hang on guys. Let me change up the votekick perms real quick.

I cannot edit this so let me make a new one.

Okay sir, but how can I do a ERT Quiz, or be a ERT ?

I agree with this excluding votekick permissions and city permissions. Votekick should remain as it is, and NOBODY excluding chairperson+ would have access to the city. Deputy Warden+ should have access to open/close the gate, and get out of the prison, however, not to the city. Also, it is called “votekick” for a reason, and that means that some users must vote. So, in chairperson category, just rewrite “votekick without vote” to “kick”. Even warden shouldn’t be able to kick someone without vote.

Entering city is bannable offense and is considered spawn killing/camping, CPs+ can go there only in specific situations such as investigating a violation.


To be ERT you need to be either lvl 4 and claim the rank, or pass an training/inspection/promo shift as a CO

What happens if like 5 criminals are out there and basically shooting us. How will we arrest them if they want to never go in and just kill us from out there. How do we arrest them???

This is not a very good idea. Commander should not be able to votekick. PI should not be allowed in city nor be allowed to votekick. There is a reason city is for CP+.

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You wait for them to come inside and try to help others. Its not fair if they spawn kill you so why would you do that to them?

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I agree with this but have Prison Inspector+ the vote kick ability.

Im not sure because many people are PIs and I have seen many of them abusing so to give them the ability to votekick is not a very bright idea. They could lie or make something up. They could even kick out a CP+.

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This would be a good idea, just not the access to the cities as officers are not allowed in there. Or with the vote kick. I would leave the vote kick and just add rank requirement doors.

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I like this idea. However, there are some issues. A lot of people who play this game are underage and don’t really look at rules. The same group of people rank up to “Warden” or “Deputy Warden” based on how long they play the game. These are great systems, but cannot really be enforced unless either:

A. Level based promotions are removed and replaced with physical promotions from higher ranks

B. There is an automated system in place (eg. GUI similar saying “You must be a Commander+ to votekick.”

Also, please keep in mind that votekicking is currently only for Deputy Warden and above, most likely to prevent abuse.

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Going to the city is classified as spawn killing. We are correctional officers, not the police department. It is not our job to catch criminals in the city. Our job is to keep inmates in the prison and guard them. Yea we can protect our prison but we can not just go to the city and start arresting crimminals.

We already can votekick without vote, it’s called server banning.

There is an hill in between the city and the prison, they cant shoot you from there while you are close to the prison

I disagree, the rank system is fine like it is with its permissions.