Ranking after training?

Does anyone know how long it typically takes after a training for you to be ranked? I just want to know as it’s been over 20 minutes now, and no rank. I may be being a bit impatient, but I’d just like to know.

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Roblox User?
Please PM Me on discord Volt_Night#2021 and id be happy to help!

User: MochaTheDev

I’ll send you a DM.

Your user doesn’t seem to work when I try to send a FR so I can DM.

Issue has Now been fixed! User is the correct rank!


You should be ranked right before they end or after. if not something must have gone wrong. Inform a Community Advisory Council+ that you haven’t been ranked. They can go check if you have passed the training, and rank you.


@mallarows - Prison Commissioner

I also got that issue too what i do?

You. Didn’t. Pass.

We went over this on the discord

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We got some kid lying abt passing a training again?


LOL THIS IS TOO FUNNY! “Yes I passed training, they just forgot to log and promote me”

In V1 there was somebody who was lvl 31 and he asket the trainer to wait an hour before ranking him.