Ranks (LR, MR, etc.)

So I always thought ranks would be like this:
COS+= Leadership team, but then I saw this:

I know they changed it but I have 3 questions.

  1. Why did they do it, its unnecessary and 2) Does this mean that PI-W dont need grammar anymore as its only for MRs necassary? 3) When anyone says contact a HR do we need to contact a CAC+? Im overall so confused with this and I personally think that CPs are HRs but well. If anyone has questions about this just comment it and someone may respond.
    Have a great day/night

Well, pretty sure people without admin won’t be called “Middle Rank” so that’s probably why, and yeah PI-W still need to use grammar, and idk about the hr one.

And besides, where is the CO rank, wouldn’t that be a LR too?

This is a change they made, why do you think im brain damaged??? I didnt write whats above, I dont agree with this either but its not my fault.

Well, staffing said, MO-W is LR.

Well, a CP would be HR so where would be the MR?

CPs are now MRs, look in informations in intel.

CP is now MR, CAC+ is HR. nowcharacters

Alright, thanks

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CoS+ is leadership rank? CO-W is LR. CP-FD is MR and CAC-PC is HR BoG is SHR

I find this dumb and completely unecessary. It’s not grammar rules have been affected or anything.

This just makes everything more confusing. Perphaps it helps with game development but still, aren’t the devs used to the ranks?

It’s really confusing and pointless honestly.

I agree totally, but was it reverted now or not, please somebody tell me!

It’s stupid imo, It was perfectly fine the way it was before.

It was reverted, its back to normal.