Ranks wont work

Please include the following in your reports.

  • Description So I am trying to become rank medical officer and i am 1 higher rank But it wont work
  • How often does it occur Alot because i cant even become higher rank
  • Where does it occur view rewards
  • How to reproduce sorry idk what this is
  • Video showing the bug dont have one

I really dont l know what you mean. Give me the following informations so I may be able to help:

  • What rank are you
  • What rank do you want to become
  • What level are you ingame
  • Are you in the group
    This Post was flagged so apperently this isnt uo to date anymore. Still, I dont get whats off topic on this post.

Hi so in V1 of Stateview I had ERT and commander rank. When the new version came out I didnt have any of those. Im just an officer.

Its because its a new group now. Lucky for you COMM and ERT are easy to reach.