Re add the shotgun from V1 and re add the trecky hair and hat remover

Hello, the reason I would like trecky hair re added and a hat remover is because normally you hair sticks out of the hat and it is unrealistic so I was thinking why no re add trecky hair and a hat remover.

Also the shotgun was a brilliant gun and it would be fantastic if it was added in V2. Also I miss how the gun used to be on your back when your not using it maybe that could be implemented too.

Wdym by “tracky hair” and no shotgun pls, the prison is not a warzone

Because trecky hair does not stick out of your hat they had it in V1.

Actually, the shotgun ia more realistic that a assault rifle in a prison. Maybe change them for ERT.

Its not, shotguns arent used in prisons. Of course ARs arent used either but they are more realistic + theyre balanced better