Reasons for Solitary/Max

What is ALL the reasons to put an inmate in Maximum Security or Solitary Confinement? I am outdated so I would like to know this important info.

Hello! I am a FD at Stateview! Here to answer your question! I will put the following reasons for putting an inmate in solitary below. Also, solitary is mainly around for role-play reasons.


1 Inmate has ignored multiple warnings
2 They have Key card, gun ect.
3 punching
4 crossing red line without permission
5 attempted escape

Alright. But what about the Max Security reasons?

The same things but it depends on how bad it was like if a inmate punches you you would put them in max.

I still didnt understand, wasn’t each act having different punishments? Is Inmate with knife Max or Solitary? Is inmate with gun Max or Solitary? Inmate punching is Max or Solitary? as I know, each action has different placements

Normally Max security are utilized for the amount of times the individual affected the prision operations for example if you see inamtes with Contraband or shooting everyone during an long time for more than 6 times you could put they into Max Confiniment for prevent this.

If there’s shooters but for an first time you will have to Solitary Cofiniment they as it is temporal, solitary confinement can be utilized for contraband, guns, stabbers or stolen keycard.

Alright, I think I understand now

Actually no.

This is from the old site but it hasn’t changed, only CO- are allowed there now.

I think that basically he’s ERT btw even if you try to get Recruits for don’t put people in solitary is hard.

Where do you get that guide???

The replies are confusing as hell.

Specifically 3

Only if they take it out, they get it back every time they respawn, so you would always know if they have it. It would interfere with roleplay if you kept cuffing them.

Don’t immediately send them to max, give them a warning if possible. It is better for roleplay (again).

I have seen some very serious grammar mistakes there.