Reduce the recoil of the gun by a little

The recoil of some guns like M4A1 or AKM is too much, the recoil causes us to find it difficult to shoot for mobile players cause they only can move the screen when the finger comes to contact with it, for iPad or tablet players that wouldn’t be a problem cause the screen is bigger so it is easier to control, on the other hand, Andriod or iPhone users might have a hard time controlling it cause of the size of the screen is too small.So i would recommened reduce the recoil of the guns cause it has too much recoil.

Deputy Warden

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I agree for AKM but M4A1 doesnt have a too hard recoil. Aiming on mobile is overall very diffucult and I recommend getting a PC player to help with raids as they have a much more higher chance on stopping it. I play on PC but when im somewhere i cant play on PC im always correctianal officer as they dont need to shoot. I also suggest adding a feature where you con choose if you prefer a fire button or tap to shoot (this would be only for mobile players)


[I now this is reviving] M4A1 recoil has been removed. DONT ADD TO THIS UNLESS ANOTHER RECOIL ADJUSTMENT HAS BEEN ADDED