Regarding the crims and SR raids

I have noticed that CAC+ are getting annoyed how crims/inmates are raiding the SR.

So my suggestion is that crims need some sort of activity to do because once you helped other inmates to escape, there is almost nothing to do as a crim other then raid the SR since like most people are in the SR and there is like under 5 police around the prison. So an activity needs to be added for crims, they need to make the city more better such as adding banks and cafes, maybe if a crim completes a mission from like bank or a city maybe they will level up eg 1 level, maybe from level 1 to level 2 by just completing the mission, maybe also having a shop for crims to buy maybe other guns and include other guns in the prison eg the AK 47 which is used In other prison games on roblox.



1 level is way too much and the levels are supposed to show activity, thats why the instant level up costs so much

Levels are supposed to rank you up as officer and not crim

If the crims wanna do something they need to join another server, its not the problem of the officers

Many people could let every inmate free to get freed themselves and just grind robbing banks the whole day (Idk how long such a robbery would be but I guess only a few mins like in jail break), its too OP

Why would there be bank heists with no police force and with only 5 officers in the server?

Many people wouldnt play the staff team anymore which would make many RP friends (like myself) quit which would cause a massive player loss

Were not a PVP game and this doesnt fit in our game

These arent all reasons, there are way more and I dont see one good thing about it. I dont want to write down all reasons but I think you’ll get my point

Well let the crims and imates raid the SR all the time then because when i am saying there are 5 officers most of them are in the SR and it get very boring for the crims and imates, they could join another server but yet again it the same thing over and over, i dont think many people would leave SVP because you are adding more stuff to do from a crims POV, when i mean the levels it will help them to rank up to what ever rank they are heading for as a police, bank heists could maybe just 1 person at a time maybe, and dont forget it can be hard to escape the prison when the doors are closed (unless u have the gamepass) a Robby wont need to be a long time and maybe it would just work on non priv servers, they need to improve the city many other people are saying the same about it.

Playing as an crim doesnt let you know the rules better, leveling up trough rping on the inmate team or staff team does

I would quit and raiding the SR is gbannable and impossible as they cant kill staff from outside anymore. For me its never hard to escape, I dont want to escape most of the time but some MO takes me outside. Even without them its pretty easy even without gamepass. Just look at the rope. Most of the servers are being completely raided anyways. As blub said levels arent supposed to show how much swag you have and how much heists you done but how good knowledge of the rules you have. We are not the game for it and if we would have a police force either the prison or the police force might be empty (it depends how much fun it would be). Another point is that the city is extra build like how it is so it prevents people from staying there, your supposed to raid prison (if the server is empty you won, congrats, you can leave then). We are a RP game and not a PVP game. I dont want city to be improved as we just had a city update and adding more stuff for crims will cause more people being crim=less people playing as officer=less shifts,trainings=less fun=me quitting. I would suggest they could make a “clearSR” command which removes every crim and officer in the room next to SR. If the crims are going to cam room then the command is not needed, if they raid the host says “clearSR” and everyone in the room gets removed. Only for the room next to SR, not cam room or SR itself.

Ok you were serious about this post, or maybe every single post.

Me or him? Im trying to be as serious as possible and say my point why things are good or bad. It could always be a future update and I dont like some ideas.

I am talking about you handsome.:slight_smile: I am a male by the way.