Removal of vote-kicks

There are so many people that vote-kicks, I want this to be removed because they MASSIVE ABUSE and it just disturbed me in an Appeals Investigation, imagine that Jimmy or 4D_X gets vote-kicked. I want this to be removed or at least that HRs cannot be vote-kicked, thank you.


100% agree, its just a stupid system, I never use it, I just report them in the intel server. They should really remove it


I don’t not agree because if there is a hacker, most of the time it takes them to ban the hacker. So this is why I like vote kicks.

Signed blahblahblag456

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Hackers are quite rare tbh, and you should just report them, VK abuse happens way more often.

But there is many abusers that you can’t report them because its not a banable offense.

Even if the owner will get vote kicked then they will just ban the user who vote kicked the owner before they get kicked.

If you report them with video proof of you warning him that he should stop, and he continues the abuse, you can report him snd he’ll get an suspension and demotion.

I don’t think it should be removed completely because then we can’t ban the hackers, but I think the Vote-kick should be for Warden+ since there is so many abusers.

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There should definitely be an overhaul of the system, especially since it blocks you from rejoining the same server for a period of time, so you’re not able to defend yourself as easily if you’re being falsely votekicked. I’ve seen and reported many DW+ that have abused or just upright lied while using the votekicking system. But it is useful to immediately get rid of hackers/abusers in the game.


Absolutely not, as of now this is then only system in place holding mass abusers and raiders from going on nonstop sprees and the mods are so rare and few that this is like the last thread protecting the game. Honestly, an overhaul like @elowny suggested would be wonderful. But this is the only quick semi-efficient way to get rid of CO’s mass killing and exploiters.


What is the other option then? Let them stay and don’t join lobbies without a Chairperson+?

I do not think it should be removed. Calling CP+ takes long and reports even longer. All vote kicks are logged (or at least it is written there), so abuse is punishable easily (and I am sure that vote kicks are not the most abused function in the game, votekick is shown to the whole server and is logged and these logs are probably reviewed by someone, only 3-year kids would abuse it, normal people would know they can be caught easily). About your problem with investigations, there are many ways how to solve that. For example, just disable the vote kick function when CP+ is on the server - or give CP+ button to disable them, when CP+ leaves, it will be enabled again, automatically. I also think that votekick should be only for warden+ and that to get promoted to warden from DW, you need training (I personally got promoted to warden by a training).

Abuse of cuffs, random killing, etc., is a bannable offense. You can vote kick for kickable and bannable offenses (or at least one person who was reviewing my report told me it). For offenses see this: Otherwise, I do not see any next kickable/bannable offenses that you should vote kick for or something. Vote kick is not to be abused and you shouldn’t vote kick for anything that you can not report for.

Yeah, but before he gets punished, there is still a lot of time for abuse. Every time I use vote kick, I also report them. But before they get punished, you can not really stop them (excluding the vote kick function). And “before they get punished” can take even up to 1 hour.

usingit once for someone t hat deserved it isnt abuse.

Yes, as DWs are very common abusers, as it is a fairly easy rank to get. I think maybe W+ only, but if no W is in the server, the highest-leveled DW gets it.


I think VK should at least be reworked to a kick from the server(not a server ban), cause most of the time you’re not gonna be able to get proof of them doing VKA unless you just record every time you log in to the server.

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I agree then I don’t agree. I’ve been vote kicked before for stupid reasons but I do have to use VK sometimes like when a MO is freeing inmates.

I would say that they shouldnt do anything about it. I reported many VKAers and every single one was terminated. Many people use it properly and need it to do things like you said. If you report a VKAer theres a 95% chance of it being accepted. Of course, its annoying but also needed.

Antoher option. Give CP+ votekick admin (Idk if possible) so they can cancel the votes.