Remove automatically becoming an inmate as soon as you join the game

Self explanatory, I want to become an officer and suddently, I can’t because I was cuffed as soon as I joined the game. (browhydoineed100charactersthatssostupid)

Hi there!

When you are spawned into the game, you are automatically spawned into as an inmate in the status block and you are given the choice to choose the teams between Inmate, Correctional Staff and ERT. But while selecting, you are given a blind view so you could concentrate on selecting teams.
The problem that you were experiencing is just pure unluckiness.
As this is not a big issue, we will not assure you that this maybe implemented into the game because most of the times, this won’t even happen at all.

Thank you.
Exyg17 - SI.

It’s still an issue, even if it’s not often it’s really not hard to resolve.

The likelihood is extremely low so we may not get it changed.

Got it today and some cadet put me in max for no reason, missed a session.

But the likelihood is still very low and unlikely to happen.

they do this cos there can be infinite inmates (as long as it is in the max players) and cs and ert have a max player count