Remove cadets in general

Let people get Level 3 before becoming an officer. Sure reporting the abusing cadets might work, but after that, they just make new accounts and keep abusing. Removing cadets and making people get 3 hours playtime to become an officer will lower the abuse by a lot.

Not really, accounts are required to be 2 weeks old in order to play stateview. This prevents people from making alt accounts right away.

It still prevents abuse in some way, as instead of making an account and just returning to it after 2 weeks, people actually have to play the game.

This wouldn’t fix anything since practically all LR’s abuse.

Who do you think abuse the most? Cadets? Or wardens? Yes it would fix a lot of things, as you cant just join the game and start abusing right away, rather you have to play for 3 hours.

Cadets are not official officers. They are still learning and even if it did take you 3 hours to become a cadet, the cadet would still abuse because they are LEARNING.

Starting the staff development process after 100 hours of playtime and after 1 hour of playtime will yield the same results.

3 hours gets you CO, not cadet. You can get cadet right away.

My point is, remove the cadet officer rank and make the officers go straight to CO at level 3

Yeah but most of them still abuse, and if they really wanted to learn they would look at some tutorials or something.

That is not needed

Well, we can always machine ban them. These ban all of their alt accounts and are very accurate. These bans are also IP bans. We also have ways that we can detect and find alts very easily so actually getting away with this is tricky and we will find you.