Remove the M4 being removed when dying

Here are a few reasons I don’t like this:

  1. It’s pretty useless.
    People can just say !rejoin and get it back, it wastes time and it’s annoying.
  2. I paid for a permanent weapon, not a one time use weapon.
    Self explanatory.
  1. Yeah and then they get moderated and will get banned from the game losing their robux.
  2. Yes you did and you do regain it

I was scammed…

1.Using a gun isnt a bannable offense
2.You don’t

Quit yappin about stuff you dont understand

They added this because m4 was too op and abused

Then they should at least update the pass description.

I bought a permanent weapon, not a 1 time weapon.

  1. People who use !rejoin to get the gun back usually get moderated for abusing commands.
  2. Yes you do

So you stop yappin

  1. That is a feature of the gamepass and is not an offense whether you like it or not
  2. You do not get the gun back if you respawn as an Inmate
  3. Even if it is problematic, no notice or warning is posted on the pass description.

Hello kasg12,

This feature was introduced due to the M4A1 being quite powerful for inmates at least, the feature exists for a reason and for a good reason.

Removing this feature would have no real benefit and would only cause an influx in riots. The weapon is permanent, you just get it for one life whilst on the inmate team.

Prison Commissioner,
Community Management

The main issue is not the feature but how they don’t provide any detail in the pass description. This is very misleading.

  1. Stateview GA warn people for admin abuse for abusing this command
  2. You do at some point. If you go to max/sol you will respawn with it
  3. Yeah well SV is not logical

As a Support Agent, we do not punish people for abusing the “!rejoin” command as the logging/leaving rule has been removed.