Remove the safe chat feature from the radio

When ever I talk on the radio, it appear as tags if I make a typo on the radio, I don’t use safe chat and it doesn’t show tags in the chat bubble. Just remove it, when ever I say minor words like stupid or idiot it’s not tagged by roblox it’s tagged by the radio.

Would require a lot of scripting, but anyways you’re not supposed to call people stupid or an idiot as it counts as disrespect while on-duty

This kinda sounds like minor bullying I personally think they should be tagged for the opposite reason you said.

Firstly , you literally let the makers of this game to have a reason to not remove safe. Secondly, why do you need to call people stupid or other things it is called disrespecting. Thirdly, safe chat is annoying not because you can’t say mean words but they almost think every single word is bad.